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Hi! We are one part winery + one part non-profit foundation! You are probably thinking to yourself.. a non-profit and a for profit under one roof, how cool! Or.. you may be thinking what a scam! We hope it's the former because we think it's great! Because we are operate the two side by side so our non-profit has ZERO operating costs. Seriously! I don't take a paycheck or buy ANYTHING from the non-profit account because the winery takes care of it ALL. Okay... now you can say "how cool is that?!" Every single penny we raise goes to our grants for AZ animal rescues. We got our 501c3 status (EIN # is 84-2497736) in 2019 and started fundraising in 2020 and we've been growing every year since!

Thanks SO much for helping us exceed our 2021 goal! We raised over $22,500! You've helped us give so many animals a second chance at life. With your help we've been about to give out $19805.33 in less than a year!! We literally CANNOT thank you enough for all you do to support us! Our goal for 2022 is $25,000, we've raised about 19,000 so far this year.. We are so close but the end of the year is almost here!! You can help buy purchasing any non-profit item in our store, we get 100% of the profit OR by making a donation via the store page or our paypal.

Are you a nonprofit animal rescue based in Arizona in need of help with extraordinary medical bills? Send us an email with a letter with the story of the animal(s), any pictures you have and copies of any medical bills to start the grant application process. Requests should be sent to Breanna Hamilton,

So I'm sure by this point you are wondering the inspiration behind our non-profit. His name was George Bailey and he changed our lives FOREVER. We couldn’t save Georgie but we CAN and WILL save as many animals as possible in his honor. Our grants are for animals that need medical intervention to be saved. So many animals are lost just because of a lack of funds! We aim to change that. Every single animal deserves the chance to live a long and full life.

This is the story of our sweet Georgie.


On the night of the January 4th we saw George's picture on the Santa Cruz Humane Society website. I knew we HAD to have him, I was convinced that if we didn't get there first thing in the morning someone else would come adopt him! We left early and got there before they opened. When we arrived he was still available! It was love at first sight and I had to have him. On the car ride home we talked about names, he came with the name Winston but that didn't fit him. We thought about Milton or Gable but they just didn't sound right. About halfway home Chris suggested George Bailey, it was perfect. Little did we know how perfect it was going to be.


We noticed that he wasn't feeling like himself. We had taken him for a checkup a couple days before but all seemed well. I could tell something just wasn't right. After the winery closed I took him to Tucson to the emergency vet. They looked at him and determined that he just had a really full belly and needed help moving it along. We decided to leave him there overnight just in case.

At 3 in the morning we got a desperate call from the vet, George was retaining water and they weren't sure why. Now we played the waiting game. We closed the winery for the day and went up to Tucson to be with him. Still everything seemed like it was going to pass. We decided to keep him there one more night. After a visit we went home to wait.

At about 7 pm on the 22nd, the vet called again. George was not going pee and water was building up in his body. His kidney's weren't working. We were stunned. I remember feeling like it wasn't real, it couldn't be real. The vet said if we had any hope of saving him we had to take him to San Diego for dialysis NOW, not in the morning but now. We both made the same conclusion in a split second, we were going to save Georgie even if that meant driving all through the night to San Diego. We rushed to pack, got our other animals taken care of and we left in 15 minutes.

At about 11 pm that night we started our drive to UC Davis in San Diego. The drive was long and stressful, we had to check his blood sugar levels every hour and check his heartbeat. We made it to San Diego at 4 am on the morning of the 24th. The Nephrologist was there waiting and they took him in for dialysis immediately. At about 9 am we found a hotel and collapsed.


We were able to visit Georgie in the ICU for the first time. We still didn't know what was causing the problem or even if we were going to be able to fix it. He looked so pitiful in the soft cone but he was a mischievous puppy when it was off.


We got the best news when we visited! George had started to eat on his own AND he had peed 4 times during the night. That meant that his kidneys were working better!!! We were so excited!


After our very exciting news George started to not feel good again. The Nephrologist did another ultrasound on his kidneys. They had begun to mineralize and his cells were holding onto fluid. They had never seen anything like this and weren't sure how to proceed. The dialysis was just to allow his body time to heal itself. We had planned on going home for the weekend because someone needed to work the winery but I just couldn't leave my baby after this bad news. We drove home and Chris stayed home for the weekend and I drove back the next morning.


He feels fantastic and was very playful with me this evening. Rocky raccoon is his favorite toy. He always feels great after dialysis!


I got to bring Georgie outside for a few hours to walk around and play. I definitely wore him out. He was over the moon to see other puppies! He felt so good and really enjoyed being outside of the ICU for the first time!!


This was the most exciting day! Georgie was able to come break out of the ICU and spend the night in the hotel with me! If was a challenge because he was being fed with a feeding tube. It was a messy night but we made it through. Look how happy he was to be out of the ICU!!

We both slept through the night for the first time and boy did it feel good.


Georgie continued to go to dialysis three times a week but was able to spend the off days and nights with me. His creatinine levels continued to go down and he seemed to feel better every day. We explored Pacific Beach and he was a hit. Everyone LOVED him and he loved everyone. We couldn't walk two steps without being stopped. Even the restaurants loved him and had dog menus! A dog's life can't get any better than in San Diego!!


George was still feeling good. Chris was able to come to San Diego to be with us for the day but then I had to come home to work the winery. George was SO happy to see Chris. Dad is always the favorite!


We found a solution to no walking, a baby sling. We did get some strange looks but it made our lives so much easier and George really liked it!


Chris was able to come for another visit, did I mention that Dad was the favorite?? San Diego really is the coolest place to be a dog.


Georgie's creatinine levels were getting a bit better so we convinced the doctor to let us come back home to AZ for the weekend with the condition that he had to get blood work on Monday. George loved seeing his buddy, Henry and they pulled every toy out the basket and played with them all. We really enjoyed being home too.


On Breanna’s birthday things started to not look good, his creatinine had jumped way up over the weekend. We loaded the whole family into the car and drove back to San Diego.


Today was a great family day. We drove around with the top down, and went to a dog beach Georgie had 2 minutes of heaven on the ground running around with Henry.


Today we received bad news, Georgie's creatinine is back up. We decided to give him one more round of dialysis tomorrow to give him a boost. Then we went home and enjoyed the rest of our time with him. We did absolutely everything we could do to save him.

We spent our last week having family time. We kayaked, chased a chicken or two, played many games of fetch with 'Billy' the bass fish toy and our personal favorite, played Life. George was the banker, though maybe not a great one; he ate all the money.

George Bailey was with us for 7 weeks but it only took 7 seconds to love him forever and always.